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Trademark Business Name

The trademark name is called the trade name or trademark business name that is much better for a business trade for commercial purposes. This trademark business name can be filed in the office of the secretary of the state. Until the application and fees are not received by the office, the office of the secretary of the state will search its database similar names on the file. The trademarking business name is not officially approved until the application and fees are not received by the office and the proposed mark is being reviewed for the conflicts with the existing trademarks.For any entrepreneur, we are highly proficient in offering trade marking services for any type of business name, logo, image and other phases and make sure that your services, products, business names, or logos stay unique to your business. And registering a business name as a trademark is not pretty as complicated as coming up with that name.

The principle of trademark business name is to provide a record of all owners of a business. To file a lawsuit on the behalf of your business, you should register your trademark name. It means a lawsuit for any purpose, not just lawsuits related to use of the business name. Registering your trademark name does not protect the name from using by others. The right to use a trademark name belongs to the one who first uses it in connection with their business.

How to Trade Mark your Business Name?

If you have got an idea, business plan and name all set up for your business, something you might also want to consider is getting a trademark for your name. Trademarks play an important role in protecting your original idea and offering your business a distinctive edge by setting it apart from other traders.

  • Select Your Business Name
    You need a new business name for creating business name or any trading name are very important and Once you select a business name you can only change it with a great deal of difficulty. You won't be able to change it without changing several legal documents. Think about these factors as you consider a business name.
  • Research your business name
    After you have selected a business name, do some research to make sure no one else has your name? You can never be certain you aren't copying the name of another business, but doing the research will minimize the chance that you will have to change the name because it conflicts with the name of another business.
  • File a Fictitious Name (D/B/A) Notice for Your Business
    When any entrepreneur and a company is lawfully registered with one name and that company is advertising or trading or is commonly known by another name, the common name is a "fictitious name."
  • Register Your Business Name
    You should know about "fictitious name" and a business name registration? A fictitious name is used when the legal name of your business is different from the name you use for trade. Depending upon the type of business entity you set up, you may need to register your business name with your state and with localities.
  • Trademark Your Business Name
    If you have a unique business name that you want to protect, you might want to consider trademarking the name. You also will be unique in the world of IPR.
  • Change Your Business Name
    Changing your business name is the most important factor for any entrepreneur and Think carefully before you change your business name and the process you use will depend on your business type.