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Who need Trademark

When it comes to setting up the brand name of your company, you need to include trademark registration in your strategy. That is very important and every entrepreneur should make it a point to protect his or her brand through trademark registration.

Your company logo or symbol reflects the image of your company and the trademark that you get refers to that logo or symbol. However in some countries like the US marks are categorized into two categories. These are trademarks () and service marks (SM). Trademarks are assigned for physical goods (products) and service marks for services. To register a trademark, you have to file an application with a trademark office located in your area. Once you have registered your trademark, you can use the ® symbol above your registered brand name (trademark). However, sometimes you may be allowed to use the TM or SM symbol (depending on your type of business) in case you have not registered your trademark. You cannot renew a patent indefinitely but in case of a trademark the same can be renewed for an unlimited period or as long as you want it. This means that your right over your trademark is permanent and you have complete monopoly over it.

Why Need Trademark

Although unregistered trademarks enjoy certain rights under the common law yet there is an element of uncertainty and in case of infringement it will be tough to prove your brand's goodwill as well as ownership. If you want to register your trademark then you simply have to fill up the application form properly and submit the same with the stipulated fee to the registering authority.

Benefits of Trademarks

After you register your trademark, you get the exclusive right to use the same to promote your business, products or services. If you are able to manage your trademark properly then it will bring in goodwill as well as recognition for your business in the market. Your business will get listed as a quality goods supplier or service provider. Therefore trademark registration is very important for companies, particularly new companies.