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How To Patent a Product

Every creation or invention deserves to be registered for utmost recognition, utilization, and protection, within the concerned national or international jurisdiction. This invention could be related to a product or a process to be used in the desired economic field. The patented products are the products whose processes and techniques of production are exclusively registered as inventions in the names of their individual owners or patentees. Only patented products find proper recognition, reputation, popularity, and protection in the national or international jurisdictions. Hence, to patent a product is essential for doing business in any interested economic field, anywhere in the world. Ours this greatly enlightening and precious article offers detailed information regarding how to patent a product anywhere. Our organization is a globally prominent and acclaimed law firm based in India, with worldwide service coverage in all disciplines of the law.

In order to register an invention, completed application is filed with the relevant domestic or international patent office. For doing business well within the national jurisdiction, patent registration with related State or Federal patent office is performed as per the domestic patent act of the individual country. In India, such law is the Patents Act of 1970, along with all amendments made to it so far. All zonal patent offices located in every part of India follow this federal patent act. Again, for extending one's business in foreign countries, patent registration under the international patent treaty or convention to which the targeted country is a member, is to be accomplished. Today, the most significant international patent treaties and conventions in the whole world, each having a large number of member countries, are Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), the TRIPS Agreement of WTO, Berne and Paris Convention, and the European Patent Convention (EPC). Our expert and extensively experienced patent attorneys provided punctilious and refined services for patent registrations under these all international treaties, in addition to domestic patent registrations in individual countries worldwide. To patent a product, the processes involved are - creation of the invention and giving perfect finishes to it, checking its uniqueness and prompt patentability through patent searches, making elegant and impregnable patent specification, filing the completed patent application with national or international patent office, and lastly, presenting effective patent prosecution for perfect and prompt registration.