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Patent Infringement Law

The well-devised law for tackling patent infringement cases is known as the patent infringement law. Generally, the patent infringement law is a part of the patent law of any country. Robust legal services for patent infringement cases, is an important part of ours legal services for patents in all economic fields in national and international jurisdictions worldwide. Here, it is pertinent to note that our law firm is a well-established and full-fledged law firm of India with worldwide legal service coverage in all areas of the law. As far as the intellectual property law and rights are concerned, our erudite and internationally acclaimed patent lawyers have been providing well-informed and impeccable legal services to countries worldwide, inevitably including the patent infringement law. Any activity that makes encroachment upon the legitimate rights of the patentee or patent holder by any unauthorized person or entity, come under the terminology of patent infringement. Such activities include borrowing contents from any patented invention, making commercial uses of the patented invention illegally, using the registered invention for production of one's own products and pretending the invention to be his/its own intellectual property, etc. More information about our services for patent infringement is being offered in the lower section, which deals exclusively with patent infringement law in india.

Patent Infringement Law in India

Our expert and rigorous services for tackling patent infringement in india, sweepingly cover all related economic fields. Firms, companies, industries, and big business corporations located in places all across the country have been well-served by ours patent attorneys and litigators. According to section 104 of the Patents Act of 1970, which is a federal patent law of India, all patent infringement lawsuits should be filed with competent district courts or high courts. Our patent attorneys and litigators can serve entities in all fields regarding their patent infringement litigations in any part of the whole country. Moreover, in order to protect the invaluable patent rights of Indian entities in diverse economic sectors in international jurisdictions, we proficient handle patent infringement litigations in connection with patents registered under the Patent Cooperation Treaty, the TRIPS Agreement, Berne and Paris Convention, or the European Patent Convention. Again, ours services for patent infringement cases and litigations are provided comprehensively during the whole patent infringement litigation process in any part of India or the whole world. For getting information about the tasks and processes during the patent infringement litigation, please refer to ours other article bearing similar or the same names.