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Patent Law Firm

All those accredited law firms that offer the full expanse of legal services for patents in various economic fields, are prominently known as the patent law firm. These patent law firms generally provide legal services in other legal disciplines and areas. It is customary practice to provide legal services for patents in general, in addition to other areas of the law. Hence, all well-established and progressive law firms are essentially a patent law firm. However, a law firm can specifically provide legal services for inventions and patents alone and specifically, that pertain to diverse economic sectors. Our law firm is a full-fledged legal organization that offers expert and responsible legal services in all areas of the law in India and other countries situated in all across the whole world, essentially including patents and all other categories of intellectual property. As one of highly reputed and top patent law firms of India, we reliably and expertly provide all patent law firm services for perfect registrations and protection of patents belonging to all related economic fields. Our well-organized firm has a pool of erudite, broadly experienced, and innovative patent attorneys and lawyers, some of them boast of their high international repute. Both product and process patents are masterly well-served by ours mellow attorneys at national and international levels worldwide.

Patent Law Firm Services in India

Our excellent and responsible services for registration and protection of patents belonging to all pertinent economic fields, are provided swiftly in all parts of India. These patents are registered under the Patents Act of 1970, and all amendments made so far to this federal patent law of India. The zonal patent offices located in Kolkata, Mumbai, New Delhi, and Chennai are resorted to for support and guidance, depending upon the location of the companies. With the intentions to support and promote the international and worldwide businesses of Indian companies, we also offer them services for international patent registrations under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), TRIPS Agreement, Berne and Paris Convention, or the European Patent Convention (EPC), besides the domestic patent registrations nationwide. Again, for inventions and patents in various economic fields, offered by us are services for, patent registrations, patent oppositions, domestic and worldwide patent searches, patent prosecution, and patent infringement litigations. These all capabilities of our law firm have made it an extensively renowned and popular patent law firm in india. During patent registration, our services cover - ingenious and elegant support for finalization of the new invention, patent searches, crafting flawless and impregnable patent specification, filing patent application in India or abroad, and giving expert patent prosecution.