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Patent Renewal

Patent renewal is the most important rule of patent practice that is considered to create revenue for the country and to cause patents that are not renewed to expire. Several countries need yearly patent renewal fees and some even charge renewal fees during the application procedure before the invention is even granted rights. Patent renewal is needed to keep a patent in force. The payment of maintenance fees are required by the patent laws for pending patent applications. Not all patent laws need the payment of maintenance fees and different laws offer different rules and regulations concerning not only the amount payable but also the regularity of the payments. In other countries where maintenance fees are to be paid yearly, they are sometimes called patent annuities.

Patent Renewal Services

We offer patent renewal services according to client's needs and budgets completely and offering patent renewal services with rich experience and expertise is our first priority. We have a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals, who help you lot for patent renewal services in affordable price with complete customer satisfaction. We have rich experience and proficiency in understanding your issues and patent matters to enhance the customer satisfaction and provide complete solutions in solving client problems professionally and easily. Our other services related to patent like patent search, patent registration, pct filing application, patent drafting, patent watch, and pct filing procedure in India.