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Patent Registration Cost

Cost that is charged during the process of registration of patent at different phrases is stated with patent registration cost. Different countries have distinct modules of charging with patent registration cost where as in India it is around Rs. 1500 plus Rs. 2000 for extra curriculums. If you apply your own as individual it cost you less but for legal entity it is costlier than prior. Well, it is always suggested to individuals to get avail with any of the experienced patent law firm in order to get their patent register. Patent registration cost includes patent application cost after that patent examination cost and after that finally patent granting cost.

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How Much is a Patent Application Cost

Patent application cost by government charges worth to Rs. 750 for individual and Rs. 3000 for legal firms. As per the amendment act of patent law now the applicant needs to submit an application for examination just within 48 months of filing an application. All the applications that have made before May 20, 2003 need to request for examination either within the 12 months from the month of May 20, 2003 or within 48 months from filing whichever is earlier. During the same patent application process, a legal firm needs to be paid with Rs. 3000 and an individual needs to be paid with Rs. 1000 as fee of patent examination. Apart from these, Rs. 5000 is needed to pay by legal firm as patent grating cost where as individual needs to pay with Rs. 1500 as patent grating cost.