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Patent Law

Ours this elaborately prepared article is dedicated to provide elegant information about the Patent Law in India and abroad, along with the patent law services rendered by us worldwide. In this upper section of this article, described are the basics of the patent law or patent law act, including the patent laws of globally accredited international patent conventions and treaties. And, the patent law in india, is dealt with separately in the lower section. But, first of all, appreciated greatly will be an enlightening description regarding what is patent law, or what is patent act.

The Patent Law in any jurisdiction formulates and promulgates Patent Acts and Rules to govern, regulate, and control, the creation of inventions in all economic fields, registrations for the same, and protection to those within the jurisdiction, giving certain due and genuine rights to the inventors or patent-holders regarding the commercial uses of the inventions or patents. Every country has a well-designed patent law act for these exclusive purposes. Apart from these domestic patent laws, there are rigorous and effective international and regional patent laws nurtured and supervised by the World Trade Organization (through its TRIPS Agreement), the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) of WIPO, the European Patent Convention (EPC), and the Berne or Paris Convention. Each of these international bodies, helps in acquiring patent registration and protection in all its great many member countries.

What is Patent Law in India

Magnificent patent law in India is represented by the Patents Act of 1970, and the Patents Rules of 1972, through which inventions and patents in all its economic fields are registered and protected. The patent law of India (patent act india) has been receiving frequent and regular amendments in the years 1999, 2002, and 2005, in order to be in close agreement and conformity with most of the globally accredited and reputed international patent treaties and conventions. Therefore, any invention (belonging to any specified field) registered in India, serves as a solid and potent basis for further patent registrations with afore-mentioned international jurisdictions. Our ambitiously well-established law firm of global prominence and reputation provides well-rounded and discerning services punctiliously for patents, along with decent and expert legal services to all other areas of the law, in all across the country of India and abroad. The head office of patents is located in Kolkata, while its branch offices are situated in New Delhi, Mumbai, and Chennai, to cover the entire country for patent registrations.