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Patent Preparation Services

Patent preparation and prosecution services include all those services that stated with handling and following the act of patent registration other patent sections. The act of patent prosecution divided into two phases pre prosecution and post prosecution services. Pre prosecution further involves all those services ranging before grant of patent and post prosecution services that include those services that stated with opposition and amendment acts.

Patent prosecution describes the services that held between applicants, their legal representer and patent office i.e. concern authority. This service of preparation and prosecution of patent vary from that of patent litigation. The prior one is worked with infringement cases. The patent preparation cost generally varies from one attorney top another.

Being as a service provider in a theme of patent preparation and prosecution, the firm of trademarklitigationindia, specializes in offering patent related matters regarding how best we can prepare for patent and how to follow the process of prosecution. Here we deal with every type of patent clients from all across the world while handling the complex matters of patent preparation and prosecution services.

In order to offer best and credential services, our only one lawyer will assist and handle your patent preparation application from start to end. While bringing you with complete documentary services, legal form submission and other formalities that needed to protect your patent ideas. One lawyer strategy will support to avoid communication errors under minimal cost.

In these last decades while serving with wide range of clients including small corporate houses and reputed brands; we have gained a lot while making them with assisting in intellectual property business advices along with carrying large portfolio of patent preparation services. Thus, if you are looking ahead for patent preparation in India just contact us in order to avail best and credential services.