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Trademark Registration Cost

Trademark registration is a legal process and there is a cost attached to it while registering a particular trademark which an applicant needs to pay. Trademark registration cost is the trademark registration fee given at the time of applying for trademark registration. It all depends on the complexities of trademark registration and for that the cost can vary from time to time. The trademark registration cost includes Government registration fee and service charges of a trademark attorney or a trademark lawyer. The Government charges around 3000 to 4000 Indian rupees for trademark registration in these days as per the Government rules and regulations. When it comes to trademark registration, one should bank on a trademark consultant for easy and smooth trademark filling and registration with the help of some expert trademark attorneys and trademark lawyers. These consultants charge their professional fee somewhere around 5000 to 6000 Indian rupees.

Trademark Registration Cost in India

All trademarks in India are registered under the Indian Trademark Registration Act 1999 by paying the trademark registration fee as per the Indian Government. Trademark cost in India also depends upon various factors including complexities during registration process and other related factors. These days, business opportunities in India have been growing extensively and the demand for new trademark registration has also rising. There are large numbers of well qualified and richly experienced trademark attorneys have been offering trademark registration services at affordable prices. In India, one can register a trademark within 3000 to 4000 of Indian rupees as it's the official charges as per the Indian Government. If one seeks the help of a trademark consultant, then the charges may go up as they include their professional fee for their services.