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Trademark Infringement

Trademark is the brand identity of a business organization or a professional. While registering a trademark as per the consent of the business owner one should give full attention to discover a unique and distinct trademark. Trademark infringement arises when one uses other's trademark without the consent of the real owner. Trademark is the Intellectual Property (IP) and it should be protected in a legal manner that no other person can access it without the permission of the actual owner. Trademark infringement refers the violation of the exclusive rights owned by the registered trademark owner as per the trademark registration rules and regulations. These days, there are numbers of trademark firms and legal firms are providing trademark infringement services to numerous trademark owners when such types of cases are arise. A well trained and professionally qualified trademark attorney is the right person to handle trademark infringement case by taking this case to courtroom.

Trademark Infringement Services in India

Trademark infringement cases have been growing at an unprecedented rate these days among new age business entrepreneurs. Trademark Registration Act, 1999 defines all rules and regulations for both trademark registration and trademark infringements. These days, there are amazing numbers of trademark registration firms are present in various parts in India to offer trademark infringement services to those business owners who are facing courtroom troubles while defending for their rights. A trademark infringement can arise due to several factors: when one can use other's trademark without the permission of the real owner or any similarity between two trademarks. A trademark lawyer who has right experience and qualification of handling trademark infringement cases by taking the case into a court and fighting for the actual trademark owner's right in a legal way. There are numbers of reasons including same marketing method, confusion between two trademarks and the intention of the trademark owner are responsible for trademark infringement.