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About Us

Trademark services involve varied services in TM segments including trademark search, trademark online filing application, trademark prosecution, trademark renewal, trademark watch and many more. All these services indulge with varied services that need to be accompanied and guided by the expert and TM professionals. Well, here trademark litigation India offers complete services in TM segment at the domestic and international level. We as a legal firm firstly know the business and the client's objectives in order to identify the best solutions for the protection and promotion of its intangible assets.

The basic principles of our relationship with the customer are:
  • Analysis of the Client's Business: where each case requires a careful analysis of the client, its objectives, its competitive position and its prospects for expansion into markets or sectors. It is the starting point for the study of protection strategies of intangible assets, which give a real competitive advantage of increasingly globalized markets.
  • Guarantee Fiduciary: All the data and facts collect from the client in respect of its business will be kept at the safe mode and would not share to any of the third party. All the data of registered users and regular client would be kept under safe mode.
  • Consultant Reference: The customer in the field of expertise is preferably followed in time by a single consultant reference and the same trained service personnel. The consultant will be joined by other colleagues when counseling requires a team effort with the help of different skills.
  • Status and Reporting: All the information and status of the trademark application would be passed and shared to the clients at regular interval of time. Any consulting or in case of any conversation we will directly contact o the client for a meeting; we should not take any type of crucial decision at our own.