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Copyright Infringement

Copyright infringement is the unauthorized use of works under copyright, infringing the copyright holder's exclusive rights, such as the right to perform the copyrighted work, or to make derivative works. Copyright holders regularly refer to copyright infringement as "theft". In law copyright infringement does not refer to actual theft, where a person exercises one of the exclusive rights of the copyright holder without authorization.

What is Copyright Infringement?

Copyright infringement is the unauthorized or prohibited use of works covered by copyright law, in a way that violates one of the copyright owner's exclusive rights, such as the right to imitate the copyrighted work, or to make works. Copyright infringement is the successful act of violating the exclusive rights of a copyright owner. Examples include copying or performing a work without the copyright owner's permission, or creating a work of one's own that derives from a copyrighted work. In the case of copyright infringement the province assured to the copyright holder by copyright law is invaded, i.e. exclusive rights, but no categorization, physical or otherwise, is taken over the copyright, nor is the copyright holder completely deprived of using the copyrighted work or exercising the exclusive rights held.

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