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Copyright Office

Copyright is as inevitable as trademark for a business enterprise or an organization to carry out business operations. Copyright office is the place where every aspiring copyright owner goes for to do his or her registration done. Copyright is the part of Intellectual Property (IP) and it should be registered under the copyright act of a country in order to protect from illegal usage and misuse by another person. The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) has established carious copyright offices in different countries in the world in order to provide copyright registration services. There are amazing numbers of copyright services are available in these days. Online copyright office search is immensely popular among aspiring copyright owners as it offers best and flexible ways to get know about the registration procedures. Copyright is essential for every artistic or literary creation in order to protect in the name of the creator or innovator for further use.

Copyright Office Search in India

India is immensely growing in the field of music and artistic creations and therefore, copyright registration is very much required to protect all these creations. Indian Copyright Registration Act 1957 has defined all rules and regulations for all Indians to register their creations by formally applying and paying the registration fees. Copyright office is located in the heart of New Delhi since its inception and the act is amended again in the year 1999 in order to make this law more modern and contemporary. One can search copyright office through online before filing for registration or it can be done directly by coming into the office and filing the application form. Indian art and culture has been growing in each passing day and there are more numbers of artists have been coming with their innovations like music or film scripts for copyright registration. All these copyright registration provides exclusive rights to the original owner.