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Company Incorporation

Company incorporation is the forming of a brand new company after meeting all the requirements as per the companies registration act. A company may be defined as a group of persons or association of persons to make profits. There are certain legal steps which need to strictly follow by the business entrepreneurs for incorporating a company. Every company needs a certificate of incorporation in order to start the daily business operations as per the company registration act. Indian Companies Act 1956 defined all rules and regulations regarding company incorporation and registration in India. These days, there are numbers of legal firms or company registration firms are offering company incorporation services at affordable prices. Every company is a legal entity and one needs to register by mentioning all the details to the registrar of companies according to the law. Company registration services are immensely growing day by day in all parts of the world in these days.

Certificate of Incorporation Services

Certificate of incorporation is the absolute must for each and every aspiring business owner to start the business operations. Company is an artificial person or a legal entity incorporated with the help of business law or company law. There are private company and public company are well present in everywhere in the world and a private company is a company which is formed with limited amount of capital and minimum three shareholders and maximum numbers of shareholders are fifty. And, no partner can transfer their shares from one to another as per the company rules and regulations. Whereas, a public limited company is a bigger in terms of its shareholders and paid up capital. In a public limited company, one can freely transfer his or her share to another person. Therefore, company incorporation is a legal activity a company owner should follow as per the rules and regulations.