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FPO Certification

Fruit Products Order (FPO) is a law regulated under the guidance of Ministry of Food Processing in a country to maintain the quality. Therefore, FPO certification is mandatory for all food processing industries and it includes pickles, Vinegars, synthetic beverages, syrups, dehydrated fruits and vegetables, juices and squashes at al. FPO certification is a process and one should follow each and every step while applying for FPO registration or certification. FPO certification in India also applies to few more fruit products including Tomato products like tomato ketchup, tomato sauce and other vegetable juices. There are many more fruit and vegetable products as per the FPO certification rules and regulations. The following important documents are needed to be submitted to the Ministry of Food Processing in India at the time of filing application.

  • Name of the product or item
  • Name of the applicant
  • Name of the Firm or Company
  • Address of the Firm or Company
  • Sample of the products

Agmark Certification Process in india

Agricultural Produce (Grading and Marketing) Act came into the existence in India in the year 1937to regulate the entire agricultural products in order to give a quality benchmark to consumers. AGMARK is legally enforced by the Government of India and controlled by the Ministry of Food Processing. Presently, this AGMARK Act covers total 205 agricultural products including Pulses, Cereals, Essential Oils, Vegetable oils and Fruits and other semi-processed foods. Those are wishing to get AGMARK certificate from the Government of India should have a valid Certificate of Authorization (C.A). The following important documents are needed at the time of application:

  • Copy of test report(s), duly authenticated, from independent Agmark recognized laboratory.
  • Document authenticating establishment of the firm, such as Registration by Company Registrar
  • State Authority or Memorandum of Article in case Applicant Firm is a Limited Company
  • Partnership Deed in case the applicant firm is under Partnership.
  • Name of the products.
  • Name of the applicant.
  • Name of the Firm/ Company.
  • Address of the Firm/ Company.
  • Sample of the product.
  • Started Time period of product.