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Service Mark Registration

It is often a misconception that service mark registration is a sophistication which can't be affordable. But on the contrary there are so many added advantages for the company which has a service mark registration. Firms irrespective of their size, who have a service mark registration, are always given a cushion to expand their business to any other locations. But in cases otherwise, it would lead the situation to a lot of complications which is very time consuming. There can also be situations where the firm is in a position to sell their business and when the firm doesn't have a service mark registration, the valuation of the business gets very sloppy and not many would come forward to sign the deal. On the other hand, the service mark application ensures a sense of security and comfort for the buyers as they will know that they have a responsibility to pursue the good will of the firm to maintain the standards.

Benefits of Service Mark Registration

The risk of not having a service mark registration is that any other firm following the same processes and procedures for their products as your firm's will have the luxury to send in an infringement notice to you stating that you are stealing their ideas. When you have a registration, you can revert back to them with all the legal and formal details. That leaves you in a risk free zone. When you have a service mark registration, no other firm can copy or impost your signs or symbols or any of the process followed by your firm. Instead, if you haven't had a service mark registration, there are chances for the other firms to copy your process and when you want to replace your mark, it gets very expensive and it is very tedious to do so. You will have to change and replace everything from scratch and the opposite firm who already own a trademark on this won't cave that easily. With so many advantages of having a service mark registration, it is fine to spend a few dollars initially to save guard your assets for your life time.