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Since patents are indubitably the most invaluable and vital intellectual property of any business entity, ours globally renowned law firm provides the entire gamut of perfect and discerning services regarding patents in all diverse fields of commerce and industry, in jurisdictions all around the whole world, including inevitably India, where its head office is established well-equipped. A Patent is a properly registered invention with governmental authorities, along with the rights thus granted to the inventor or patentee. This invention can relate to any economic field, and could be any new and unique idea, method, process, product, device, or other matter or material of personal or commercial importance and utility. Our well-informed and adept patent attorneys and advocates have rich experience and refined expertise to serve individuals, national and multinational companies, industries, and large business conglomerates in almost all sectors of economy, in India and abroad. Our patent services in India are described in the below section exclusively to benefit Indian and International individuals and entities in building prosperous business anywhere in India.

Online Patent Services in India

The complete range of services is available swiftly and economically with us for any patent in india, that pertains to any of various business fields. These patent services (including online patent services) are provided for registration and protection in all across India, and if desired, also for patent registration and protection under the Berne and Paris Convention, TRIPS Agreement, the PCT, and the European Patent Convention (EPC), for extending businesses to international or global markets. Ours these patent services are for - finalization of inventions, national and international patent searches, drafting and filing of patent applications, patent prosecution, patent opposition, patent watch and protection, patent infringement litigation, patent renewals, patent licensing, and patent harvesting and business. Our online patent services are rather swift and secured, besides being perfect.