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Patent Office

A patent office is a governmental organization that is administered by the Office of the Controller General of Patents, Trademark and Design. Being subordinate office of the Indian government, this office administers the Indian law of Patents, Trademarks and Designs. When the patent office accepts your fulfilled application and accompanying fee, a receipt will be issued. Patent Applications of patent office are processed in the order to receive patent grants. Your patent application will be assigned to an examiner who will go through all of the documentation offered. The examiner of patent office for patent applications and pending patent applications will check out your invention against existing inventions to be sure that your invention is an original product. The patent office will determine whether your invention is unique and original to you. The next step is very important in order to grant the right to profit financially from your invention and patent office controls the issues of patent.

Patent Office Search

Conducting patent office search in India is the most reliable way of discovering whether any parallel applications or patents exist, that may be relevant to your invention or could affect the outcome of your own patent application. Patent search in India is performed before preparing the patent application to resolve whether the invention is original and non-obvious or not for patenting based on the published prior art that currently exists. Patent search cover search of granted applications of the major patent offices as well as domain relevant non-patent literature.