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Trademark a Logo

Trademark is defined as the part of an Intellectual Property (IP) and works as the brand vale for an enterprise. Trademark a logo is a registered trademark which may be just a word or a phrase or a symbol or combination of these all. A well designed trademark represents an organization or company by conveying a lot about day to day business activities and goods and services. Therefore, trademark logo design holds immense importance among aspiring trademark owner or business entrepreneurs for their business organizations. Trademark is the real identity when it comes to exposing a particular business among large pool of prospective consumers across the world. Trademark registration is an extremely vital aspect of a successful business creation process among all future business leaders. There are different trademark logos are used for different types of goods and services as a particular trademark make a great difference at the marketplace. Trademark may come in following names:

TM: An unregistered trademark for promoting goods
SM: An unregistered trademark for promoting services or any service brand
R: A registered trademark symbol

Trademark Logo Registration Guidelines

Trademark logo registration is a legal process and one should keep in mind few well defined steps before applying its registration. In India, Trademark Registration Act, 2008 follows by all trademark aspirants across the country. Trademark attorneys or lawyers define some trademark logo guidelines as per the trademark registration rules and regulations for new age business entrepreneurs. The very first important step is to search a logo or name which is not exist in before or doesn't belong to anybody else. Trademark search plays a very crucial role in the process of trademark registration and one should do it thoroughly with the help of trademark professionals in order to avoid trademark infringement in future.