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Trademark Registration

Achieved are lawful rights, recognition, and protection, from proper and perfect trademark registration with the concerned jurisdictions. Therefore, trademark registration is indispensable for doing business in any desired fields securely and profitably. Our visionary and discerning law firm with headquarters in India, is prominent and acclaimed globally for ours elegant and reliable services for all intellectual property, inevitably including trademarks. Our well-informed and internationally reputed trademark attorneys have been extending dedicated and perfect services for trademark registrations (tm registrations) with domestic and international jurisdictions in all around the whole world, for over a decade. Apart from trademark registrations in individual countries as per their respective trademark law, well-supported by us are tm registrations under all significant international trademark conventions and treaties, like the Berne and Paris Convention, TRIPS Agreement, Madrid Protocol, and the European Community Trademark (CTM). Below is explained the procedure for trademark registration in India.

Trademark Registration Procedure in India

The creation or selection of the most appropriate and impeccable trademark, is the very first step towards the registration of a trademark in any business field. Any such sign or mark must be original, visionary, scintillating, and must not commit any slight or serious infringement upon the registered trademarks of other entities. The second step is verifying the originality, novelty, and acceptability of the finally selected trademark, through comprehensive and censorious trademark search in the domestic or international trademark databases, as per the business requirements. The third step is proper drafting of the trademark application in accordance with the rules and regulations of the concerned trademark authorities. The formal and procedural filing of the trademark application with the prescribed authority, is the next step. Generally, prosecuting for faster and perfect registration becomes necessary, after filing the trademark application. Ours vastly experienced and adept trademark attorneys and punctilious lawyers assist their clients dedicatedly and expertly in all along this entire trademark registration process, in all across the whole country.