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Trademark Filing

Trademark filing is the concern point where all the applications of trademark and these applications depends on how you register and how many classes of goods or services you are claiming. You need the assistance of highly skilled and rich experienced trademark attorney for filing trademark application. Whatever you need, when you are going to filing trademark application in India, trademark attorneys can help you and carry out all required tasks before Indian trademark office in order to obtain registration approval. When your trademark is filed, we will send you a trademark filing report that will include application number and date, plus a scanned copy of filed trademark application in India.

How do you file a Trademark Application

Filing a trademark application with the Trademark and Patent Office (PTO) is a simple and affordable process that usually can be accomplished without professional help. The PTO provides step-by-step instructions and even offers an electronic filing procedure. Firstly you are required to log into the USPTO website and there you can make use of the Trademark Electronic Application System. Currently, trademark application may be filed under Section 1(a) with a declaration that the mark is in commercial use or under section 1(b) with a declaration that the trademark applicant intends to use the mark in commerce. This provision offers the trademark applicant is the most important option to file a trademark application prior to using the mark in commerce.

  • Apply the trademark logo "TM" to your product. You don't essentially have to file anything to achieve this. Being able to file the first use of the mark could be enough to protect your brand should a dispute arise.
  • File for a registered trademark. What does registration get you? This formally recognizes your mark as being yours. You can use the registered trademark ("R") symbol on your mark. What protection does this offer? By registering your mark you make it easier and comfortable to go to court and claim that the mark is yours if someone infringes upon it. It also avoids someone else from registering your mark and then using the registration against you.