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Federal Trademark Registration

Federal trademark registration is the trademark which is registered under the British Trademark Registration Act. Trademark serves as the face or identity of an enterprise or business organization so, business entrepreneurs work hard to keep it safe and secured. Federal trademark law is applicable to all trademark registered in UK for all business enterprises as per their rules and regulations. All federal registered trademarks have national scope irrespective of its geographical usage. An applicant should apply for federal trademark registration by showing the marks or symbols as per the federal trademark law. As the competition grows globally among large numbers of business organizations, trademark registration has been also increasing in order to offer all business houses a secured future. Different country has different set of rules and regulations when it comes to trademark registration and one should follow in order to make it a legal accomplishment.

Federal Trademark Registration Services

Federal trademark registration services are applied in the United Kingdom for their business organizations. Trademark registration is a process which includes trademark application, trademark search and trademark litigation and trademark infringement. There are certain rules and regulations which an applicant needs to strictly follow for completing trademark registration.

The following information should be essential for filing trademark registration:
  • The legal name of the applicant
  • Location of the company or the country of the citizenship
  • The exact signor mark
  • Description of goods and services which needs to be registered
  • International classification of goods and services
  • One should pay the international trademark registration fee as per the act of the country.

The Trademark Registry should check and verify all the above information from an applicant and do a trademark search in order to find an innovative trademark or a unique trademark for the applicant.