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How to Patent an Invention

Making proper and perfect registration of any new invention in any interested economic field, and thus getting due patent rights, is essential for doing reputed, profitable, and fully secured business in any national or international jurisdiction. Therefore, in this article we are offering full and refined information about how to patent an invention anywhere in the whole world, at national or international level. Our law firm is now a globally famous and acclaimed legal organization with comprehensive range of legal services related with all legal disciplines, which are provided punctiliously and flawlessly in countries worldwide. These full expanse of legal services inevitably include the intellectual property law and rights, and thus, patents in all economic fields.

An invention is any new and original creation that makes production of a product or functioning of a device easier, more efficient, utmost useful and convenient to the users or consumers. An invention could be regarding a product or device, or a manufacturing or functioning process and technology. As any invention is unique and invaluable, this must be registered properly and perfectly, in order to acquire legitimate patent rights regarding the invention within the concerned national or international jurisdiction. These patent rights are concerned with all types of commercial uses of the patented invention, and security and protection of the invention. For doing business within the national level, any invention needs to be registered under the national patent act with any governmentally recognized patent office located within the country. For example, in India, these domestic registrations are performed under the Patents Act of 1970, with support of any zonal patent offices located in all across the country.

While, for conducting business in international and worldwide jurisdictions, the invention is to be strictly registered under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), TRIPS Agreement, Berne and Paris Convention, and the European Patent Convention (EPC). To patent an invention, ours globally commended and adept patent attorneys offer the full gamut of legal and assisting services for patent registrations at national and international levels worldwide. Moreover, all types of new inventions in various fields of the professional, commercial, industrial, and service sectors of economy are expertly well-covered by ours patent registration services worldwide. To register an invention, the processes involved are - giving perfect and unique touches to the newly created invention, checking its uniqueness and swift patentability through patent searches, preparing elegant and impeccable patent specification, completing the patent application as per the rule and regulations of the patent office relevant, and then, providing service for patent prosecution.