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Copyright Filing

Copyright filling is the very first step of applying for copyright registration of various creative works under the Copyright registration act. The copyright act was introduced in the year 1909 in USA in order to protect the legal rights of some artists for future usage. The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) has various offices across the world in order to give this copyright registration services. There are certain filling processes and one should follow the each and every step of copyright filling process when it comes for registration. The original owner holds the exclusive right of his or her creations and he should be the first person one should take permission from.

The following works are applied for copyright registration:
  • Literary Works
  • Artistic Work
  • Musical Works and Dramatic works
  • Choreographic Works
  • Pictorial and graphic works
  • Motion picture productions
  • Sound Recordings

Copyright Filing Process in India

Copyright registration act in India came into existence in the year 1975 and then amended in the year 1999 to include more and more artistic creations. Copyright filling process is almost same in India like other countries like USA and UK. One can apply though online by directly logging into the website and giving the details about all creative creations and the name of creators. Copyright registration is absolutely essential for all creative artists in order to protect their creations and keep their rights. In India, the copyright registration provides legal protection for 60 years from the day of registration as per the Indian Copyright registration rules and regulations. Once a work gets registered, the work is safe and secured and only the real owner can use it whenever he or she wants. This is extremely vital to fight the copyright infringement case if any other party misuses without the consent of the actual owner.