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Copyright Rights

Copyright right is the true ownership which a original owner needs to keep by registering as per the copyright registration act. All artistic, literary and dramatic works need to be registered under the copyright act in order to give copyright right to the actual owner by taking the copyright permission from the authority. The Copyright act in India came into existence in the year 1957 and then amended in the year 1989 and 1999 respectively in order to include more and more creative works. Copyright is extremely inevitable for all the creative works in order to protect in the name of the actual owner for further usage. India is a vast country, where there are large numbers of creative artists are living with their amazing creativity in various fields including music, drama and poetry etc. Once a person gets his or her copyright, then it may last to his or her entire lifetime means till he is alive. The following works need copyright as per the rules and regulations:

  • Literary Works
  • Artistic Work
  • Musical Works and Dramatic Works
  • Choreographic Works
  • Pictorial and Graphic Works
  • Motion Picture Productions
  • Sound Recordings

Copyright Permissions

Copyright permission is necessary to register all creative works created by the innovator as he or she has the right to enjoy what he has created over the years. Indian Copyright Registration Act 1957 has defined all rules and regulations regarding copyright registration and one should follow each and every step in order to keep it relevant. In India, copyright registration is valid up to sixty years from the day of registration as per the Indian Government rules and regulations.

Trademark is the identity of an organization and it needs to be registered under the trademark registration act in order to attract more and more numbers of patrons. A trademark should be very unique and appealing which clearly represents a company and its goods and services. A trademark litigation case often arises in competitive market if it's not properly searched.